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To 'Wring out the leeches' is to spend time solving a problem. Said problem will often 'suck the life' out of you- hence the use of leeches as the explanatory word for problem. Wringing out the leeches is also used to describe an impending argument over an issue with a mate. Phrase is said with much trepidation and detest for the action.
Carly: "Nana- it's GAME NIGHT! do you want to come to SigEp with me for Beirut"

Nana: "Oh, Carly! I can't! I've been having a few issues with my Man. We really need to wring out the leeches."

Carly: "Ouch, no wonder you've been so drained- All Right, we'll party next time"
by Nana Forson and Carly Wahl May 19, 2008

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