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When a guy is getting a blow job standing up and, just as he's ready to blow, he turns the person's head and blows his load in their ear while screaming "KAAAAAAHHHHHNNN!!!
I was having a bad day and half way through the BJ I decided to make it a "Wrath of Kahn."
by Geoff444 June 13, 2008
The man is standing, receiving a blowjob from someone on their knees. Just before he cums, he moves around to the person's side and blows his load into their ear, all while looking towards the skies and screaming "Kaaaaaaahhhhhhhnnnnnnnnn!!!!!"
Jimmy hated his boss, Kahn Noonien Singh. After one particularly bad day of work, Jimmy went home. As his wife tried to console him by giving him a blowjob, Jimmy wheeled around to her ear, giving her a "Wrath of Kahn" by emptying his "man-naise" into her ear hole and screaming "Kaaaahhhhnnnnn!!!!"
by Grim Reaper 444 January 07, 2011
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