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A figurative term to describe a bad pass. "Wounded duck" passes either have no chance for reception by an offensive receiver due to any number of poor dynamics on the thrown ball, or simply should be intercepted by the defense for being so poorly thrown.

Defensively, also known as a gimmie.
So Ben Roethlisberger was a mess yesterday, looking more like a modern-day Cliff Stoudt than the guy who led the Steelers to a win in Super Bowl XL. Benjamin floated three wounded ducks into the waiting arms of Colts defenders at critical times yesterday, outright costing the Steelers the game.
by TooCrooked November 10, 2008
Sexual technique used to entice women and create the best orgasms by arousal of the anus. Formed by extending last three fingers then curling the forefinger and thumb. Much like shocker but can heighten intensity of sexual pleasure to a maximum in comparison.

Steps to correct wounded ducking:
1) Caress anal hole with forefinger
2) Make ready wounded duck position
3) Aggressively insert fingers into anus (despite bleeding and screaming, the technique is actually quite pleasurable, if woman persists to struggle then form "Warrior Duck" by spreading last three fingers to act as a barbed end that will not be able to be removed)
4) Continue to wounded duck while pleasing woman with your big, long, pink, strong, ding dong, penis ( Remember: real gentlemen finish first and third during intercourse, but as common courtesy say to partner "You were amazing" then proceed to high five)
I went duck hunting last night
Yea man, it was awesome she struggled at first but then I got to wounded duck her all night long. See? Smell my fingers
by Cock Rocket March 23, 2012
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