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Would you like a X in your arsehole? is a very small internet meme started by YouTuber Steven Thornalley (steviet7)
The video was a give-away for an un-wanted code for dagger weapons in the 2009 video game The Saboteur, where he said "Would you like a pair of daggers in your arsenal?"
After which, he replayed the clip, but slowed it down, with the word 'arsenal' sounding like 'arsehole' (as he brought up in an annotation)
This lead to the very unknown meme 'Would you like a X in your arsehole?'
It is also usually said during giveaways by steviet7.
Person 1: Hey, I'm doing a giveaway!
Person 2: What is it?
Person 1: Oh, these controllers
Person 3: Would you like a X in your arsehole?
by danday352 February 17, 2010
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