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Pronounced 'whats-its-eye-tuss', it is the 'infection' one catches when using too much fake tan. It can affect anyone of a white colour, but is mostly seen on 15-30year old female chavs/preps.

Symptoms include (but are not limited to);

*Entire body turning bright orange (look up Wotsits, where the name originates from)
*Looking like a tool
*Being ridiculed by anyone within veiwing distance.

Symptoms will fade over time, but there will be a chance of a relapse.

The best way to avoid Wotsitsitis is prevention. Stay away from fake tan.
Girl one - "Hey, did you see Candice last night? Girl was bright orange!"
Girl two -"Yeah, I think she caught Wotsitsitis."
by MissPixi July 10, 2011
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