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a term used to desribe the penis as tough the pubic hairs are a curly hair style know as a perm . worm refering to the cilinder shaped shaft .
tom - hey i showed the bitch my worm with a perm\
mike - did she drink its spit
tom - yeah
by GM123 April 08, 2012
A simile used to refer to ones Penis. The Penis being the worm, the pubic hairs being the Perm. A Perm is an afro like curly hair style mostly popularized in the mid to late 70s. Worn by celebrities such as Prince and Lorde. A worm with a Perm refers to the penis being similar to a worm with a Perm hair style. Worm with a Perm is liable to spit if choked and is also an endangered species in some states.
Eric- I showed her the Worm with a Perm
Carl- Woah, what did she say?
Eric- She gasped and fondled it.
by GM123 July 18, 2016
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