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World War Crew is a small crew in Richmond, Va, made up of middle/upper-middle class white suburban kids who hate drugs and alcohol and attack teens who drink or smoke. Most of them live in the West End and lurk around the Carytown and Fan area. The crew started in a youth group, but they are centered around anger, power, and strength. They're into hardcore music and being "straight edge". They've attacked homeless people who use drugs. They wait around and beat people up. They'll even ask someone to buy a dime, get them in an isolated alley, then brutally attack them. They have girls they can call up if they need a girl beat up. They're slightly ridiculous and really hateful. They beat people up with pipes and chains, mostly. Some of them have XXX tattooed on their neck or knuckles. They mostly go after kids who smoke pot, or look like it.
guy 1- Hey, I think that kids in world war crew!
guy 2- Oh shit! That's the kid I saw beating up an old lady cause she was smoking a cigarette!
guy 1- Yeah they're fucking deranged, let's ask him if he wants to buy a sack, then beat the shit out of him!
guy 2- Hahaha! ok!
by ABACHOO February 04, 2010
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