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When you use the fact that your a working class man or woman to get access to something or avoid something used on other working class people.

For example telling a ticket guard that you need to get to work and cant afford a ticket

not always used to get to work
Look i know i didnt buy a ticket but i really need to get to work cant you just let this slide?

I pulled a working man on the construction man and he let me drive through the closed road

by horsebo February 20, 2009
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A man who is unlikely to participate in any social activities due to being over encumbered by numerous bills and savings goals. Also known as somebody who is unable to sustain a relationship due to a lack of mental energy to tolerate the bickering and ungodly amount of attention called for by a significant other.

Likely to have few friends, if any. May experience mild to severe mood disorders over time if forced into a solitary living arrangement.

Many working men are caught up in the long working hours and stable income. Consequently, they often do very little to advance into a field that would improve their earning potential, especially if there is risk involved (low introductory pay rates, layoffs, returning to the bottom in seniority, etc.)
Joe's Friend's Girlfriend: "Wow, this apartment smells funny. Does Joe think that his dishes are going to do themselves?"

Joe's Friend: "Classic working man problems."
by societalmaggot November 23, 2014
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