A term givin to a spouse (negative in connotation) describing their lack of attention given to their marriage and/or family vs. their work.
You spend more time at work then you do with Us. You're a Workaholic!
by Bob W. September 27, 2005
Generally a loser who believes that the only thing in life that matters is working and providing for society. And they pointlessly look down on people who would rather do something actually fun with their time than working all the time.

I'd rather be so called "lazy" and "irresponsible" and enjoy my life doing what I want to do rather than work and be bored all the damn time. Yeah, I understand that work is important to keep society going, but god damn, these people are just plain dull.
Workaholics are wasting their lives away.
by Mr. Squeaky April 09, 2009
Basicly a person with no life, so they decide to try and fill the gap of having no life by working ALL THE TIME. This generally does not work and people who turn into workaholics are usually unmarried over-ambitious women and over-ambitious men
An example of a workaholic is someone staying in the workplace after their designated shift despite not having anything important to do.
by Propane_Nightmares December 03, 2010
A person who can never seize to work. They could be on their first vacation in 10 years and while on vacation immediately start building a fence around the hotel.
Man, I don't understand Randy. He works like 80 hrs/week. Every time I call the guy he is working on a project. One time I called him on Sunday and he was helping build the second Noah's Arc. He doesn't know how to relax. Once in Barbados, while on vacation he helped 15 laborers in roofing in 130 degree heat. He has no life. He is a true workaholic.
by kanas sucks March 05, 2010
When you go to the urinal and the previous user failed to flush, thus leaving behind several honky-colored semen and cum, that resembles the cast of Workaholics. See also Big Time in Hollywood, FL.
Hey asshole you didn't flush, thanks for making me watch Workaholics.
by SouthParkGuy1999 July 18, 2015

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