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The act of insulting someone so intensely that they're most likely bound to be speechless. Word rape can also be a rather large line of deep insults that leave the person feeling shitty; some occasionally even turn suicidal.
Mike: You know what? You're a fucking whore. I bet your father gave you your first STD for your 9th birthday. Furthermore, you taste like shit. Why don't you stop prostituting for money and get a real job? Maybe then you can take a goddamn shower.

Jim: ... /wrist

Other dude who happened to witness such word rape: LOLOLLOLOL PWNED
by Forch Desole December 30, 2008
The excessive use, and abuse, of a word or phrase, beyond its original meaning.
Alfred and his friends used to enjoy chiefing each other, their wolfpack would often how each other out at a club with a deep, commanding, "CHIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEF"

But now they find themselves wanted to stab themselves in the eyes with needles every time they heard the word. Chief has been wordraped.
by NARFizzle8 August 23, 2010
When someone tells someone else to do something even though they have already been told no. NO MEANS NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That bitch just word raped me.
by Ms. Moweena June 17, 2008

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