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A hat, normally a toque, that does not fit properly on a person's head, yet he/she wears it.
Person wearing a Wooshka walking down the street.
by Shannon87 October 07, 2008
The sound of a large, quickly erupting fire.
I was making chips when the pan caught fire. I poured some water into it & wooshka.
by adirudi October 02, 2011
Wooshka is an online t-shirt community that allows users to submit their designs, vote on which designs go to print, and buy winning designs via the online shop. The shirts are produced in limited exclusive runs of just 500 units.

Members of the Wooshka community are rewarded for promoting Wooshka via their own online spaces and word of mouth. Taking the concept of 'viral equity' in this online space further, Wooshka even asks community members to vote on other important "corporate" issues relating to the brand/site - and they get paid for doing so in Street Crew credits for use in the online shop. says:

"Well, rather than spending a bucket load of money (which incidentally, we don't have!) on clever advertising-agency-designed ads, we're handing over the reins of Wooshka to you to promote to your friends, family and colleagues. In fact, you can even promote to people you don't know, via your myspace, facebook, blogs, etc. and still be rewarded for every referral you make."

Wooshka commenced in 2007 and is based in Melbourne, Australia.
i bought a kick-ass wooshka t-shirt from
by Geoffrey Stone August 16, 2007
Used to describe the imaginary sound of a job being completed with upmost efficiency.
I came up with an idea to fix the major problem that had been bugging me for weeks and "wooshka" no more problems.
by dinplug June 23, 2005
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