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1. Common name of the Australian native plant species 'Adenanthos sericeus'

2. Expansive growth of hair; in an area thats best kept bare.
I bet she has the biggest baddest woolly bush; Im scared, I need to be held.

Damn girl; there aint no way Im going down there till you have mowed the lawn.

Bogan #1: Dude, she looks woolly.
Bogan #2: Yep, sure is.
Bogan #3: No way dude, you didnt. That is so luke warm.
Bogan #2: Ive been exploring that for the last couple of weeks. Didnt your mother ask where I was?
Bogan #1: Too funny dude; he's been in your mums hot knickers again
Bogan #3: Bite me. Have you found any treasure in there?
Bogan #2: Sorry dude; I was miles away, thinking about your mums hot knickers again. No treasure, but I did catch a shitload of crabs and its wall to wall scrot-rot down there.
All bogans together: mmm... woolly bush
by Luke Warm July 12, 2008
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