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A larger loveable creature native to the Northwest United States. Often found doing what a Woolleybear does.

Also known to have its own theme song: Woolleybear, Woolleybear, does whatever a Woolleybear does. Can he swing from a web? No he can't he's a Woolleybear.
Marty: What the F*ck was that Trent? I think you hit a mammoth or something!

Trent: Don't worry Marty, it was just a Woolleybear. It'll be fine. They're pretty badass.

Marty: Wow I can't believe I actually saw a Woolleybear.

Trent: Yeah it doesn't happen very often, Woolleybears are a lot like Bigfoot but they don't smell as bad.
by JK Living May 03, 2009

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A loving and hilarious being who is always there for his friends and knows how to give the best hugs. It is also known for being the most awesome at anything they do. And they are known for being extrememly smart.
Geoff: "OMG. Your such a good friend, you must be a woolley bear."

Sierra: "IKR! I just want to hug him. He's such a woolley bear."

Jordan: "Yeah, I'm just like a woolley bear, I know."
by sierruh0824 August 07, 2011