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1) Term derived from the resemblance the sound has to the speech of Chewbacca in Star Wars. Cry signifying utter hopelessness and agonizing pain that can even be heard over the screams and moans of a locomotive. 2) Term a heartless person refers to as the tears and cries of another who is heartbroken.
1. Kim let out a wookie call and even the bears left the woods. 2. Ben told Teri he was tired of the wookie call and abruptly ended their discussion about the faults of himself. Ignorance once again mistaken as bliss.
by Shyantha February 02, 2007
To vomit harshly from a moving vehicle. If heard from outside it might sound like Chewbacca's yell.
1."What was in that chilli? Slow down and open the window. I think it's time for a Wookie Call."
2."Did you hear that Wookie Call when the bus went by?"
by The Riftalope March 15, 2007
The sound a girl makes when you hit 'the' spot. The Wookie spot that is.
"Man I was hittin' that shit so raw she did a Wookie Call!"
by Tron Homie December 05, 2006
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