A phrase used in playful defiance of a person or thing, sometimes associated with a triumph over the subject being referred to.
"Woogie boogie math midterm!"

"Woogie boogie Frank!"
by INFINIT R3MORSE March 23, 2009
Top Definition
This is what black music sounds like to white people, often cracka's that be in the KKK.
Turn that nigger music down, woogie boogie nigger....woogie boogie! - Clayton Bigsby
by The Jokers Wild 76 April 11, 2004
It refers to a african's native tongue and how every other word sounds like woogie or boogie. When a white person uses it, they use it to mock. Same with ooga booga, or talking to Mr. and Mrs. Click Click Durk from west africa.
HEY! You niggers turn that music down! Niggers make me sick! WOOGIE BOOGIE NIGGER! WOOGIE BOOGIE! - Clayton, Black Klansmen
by Rick4234234 November 05, 2005
The act of hitting someone in a vicious, unsafe,painful manner causing them to fall over in pain, then after they are down in pain you yell woogie boogie.
(as you hit a man)
WOOGIE BOOGIE mother fucker
by Tony Gr June 23, 2009
A battlecry of sorts, it can be used in many varying situations.
Ex. Dude, i totally woogie boogied my girlfriend last night.
Ex. Well Goddamn, WOOGIE BOOGIE.
Ex. Well woogie boogie nigger!
by 69 master disaster January 16, 2010
Someone fucking a person from behind while another person is fucking the same person in the mouth
Duuude me and Chris gave Jenny the woogie boogie!
A sexual position that implies pressing the female against the wall of a shower room or sauna, her legs wrapping around the man's waist.
1) bill : dude what were you two doing last night when i rang the door bell? all i heard was the shower running.

Fred : The Woogie Boogie

2) Jane: What do you want to do?

Tod: how about i take you to the shower and we do the woogie boogie.

jane: Isnt that hard to do in the shower?

Tod: Nope you don't even have to stand
by Schizo November 18, 2006
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