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(WOO WHO gurl) noun -plural, Woo Who Girls -that type of female who yells out "WOO WHO" as an exclamation, agreement or a sudden happiness. Woo Who Girls are the type to holler out "woo who!" when their boyfriend's team scores a point. Frat boys date Woo Who Girls. Wine coolers are their drink of choice.
Brittany hollered out "WOO WHO!" as her boy friend Alan's favorite football team scored a touchdown.
That's when Tiffany said to Alicia, 'OMG! That Brittany is totally a Woo WHO girl.

Sorority Girl 1: "Hey Brittany, wanna go to a bitchin' party at Phi Omega Alpha tonight? There's gonna be live music and free wine coolers!"
Brittany: "WOO WHO! I'm ready to party!"
Sorority Girl 2: "Gawd Brittany, yer such a Woo Who Girl.
by shtetl_mensch July 17, 2006
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