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Noise originating from the monk in Age of Empires and now used to troll other players in games or as a general derp noise similar to nyan cat.
"Stephen stop doing that retarded dance!"
by fezboy18 January 21, 2014
An exclamation of intense excitement or extreme satisfaction, primarily upon accomplishing an achievement, winning a competition, or when expressing pride in an organization. Also can be used as a battle cry.

Originated from Kirbypenguin's frequent use of the word, perhaps inspired by woot or woo hoo.
Kirbypenguin: I just got 99 Fishing! Woo Loo Loo!

Dragune: We won!
Anubis 451: Woo Loo Loo!

Strabo9: Instinct FTW! Woo Loo Loo!
by Lakster37 August 26, 2009
A crazy messed up word i made up while watching Finding Nemo. Its what you say when you try to speak whale
Dorrie: "Oh i know whale! *whale noises* *more whale noises* he either said move to the back of the throat, or he wants a rootbeer float..."
Me: OMG! Im gonna try that! WOO LOO LOO!
by The Best Asian February 01, 2005
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