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1. Condoms with candy-like flavors.

2. A mans penis that regularly tastes unusual.

3. Someone who seems really nice and affectionate at first, but turns out to be a sexually desperate douche-bag.

4. A person who has sexual intercourse with oompa-loompas.
1. Susie went to pick up some Wonka Wankers for Tom

2. "I would love to blow Dave, I hear he's got a Wonka Wanker."

3. "God, he's such a Wonka Wanker."

4. "Willy Wonka kicked Violet Boregard out of his chocolate factory not because she continued to chew the gum after he requested that she didn't, but because she was a Wonka Wanker.
by Wallaytism April 25, 2010