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The song every asshole learning the guitar plays to try to impress girls, whilst making a fool of themselves, and ruining everyone else's time.
(At a party or collective gathering)
Tom: Hey guys I got this new guitar.
Bill: Cool, what can you play?
Tim: Tonight I'm gonna play wonderwall (song). Does anybody know it?

(collective groan)
#song #oasis #guitar #walls #capo
by ThatDuck May 19, 2015
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oasis song that has become the unoficial local anthem of manchester
person 1: hey your from manchester, do you know the song wonderwall

mancunian: (sings wonderwall (song))

person 1: ill take that as a yes then cool
#manchester #wonderwall #oasis #anthem #national anthem #mancunian #manc #galager
by mr2715 April 18, 2010
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