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1: A person that continues to waffle on.
2: Usually provokes other people by continuing to waffle on.
Person1: Hey, did you see that show yesterday? The guy in it split his head open. I hope he's okay. I wonder what it would be like to split your head open. What do you think? I bet it would be painful, probably so painful you'd end up in hospital. I wonder-
Person2: Shut up man.
Person1: - how big the hospital bill would be. I would probably end up bankrupt if I had to pay something as huge as that. Then I wouldn't be able to buy-
Person2: Dude, you won't shut up and it's annoying me.
Person1: - McDonalds or clothes or anything. I would be so bored. I would probably kill myself if I got that bored.
Person2: Dude, I want to kill myself now.
Person1: Don't kill yourself! There are many reasons you shouldn't, and here's a big list...
by Jojishi123 December 14, 2011
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