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A dominant woman who will relentlessly whip a man into submission with nothing more than a perceived promise of sex. Womanbeasts account for 87% of diagnosed stress in men entrenched in marriage with them. A womanbeast can manipulate control of a man even through electronic means or by way of artificial images provided for deceptive purposes. There are ways to deal with the womanbeast, some of which are outlined in great detail on a web forum of the same name with a dot com attached.
George has been completely pussywhipped by his electronic love maiden Erica, who is an infamous womanbeast.

Womanbeast Eve has manipulated Steve into submission without even having ever spoken to him in person.
#womanwhore #womanbitch #snatchscratch #womenbeast #ladycrap #stinkhole #pussywhipper #girlieman
by womanbeastdotcom February 02, 2010
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