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The opposite to 'man up'. Used when a friend pussies out of something or if you are persuading someone to back down from a challenge.
Two people argue on facebook:
Dude 1: Shut up or I'll delete your comments
Dude 2: Dude just woman down!
#dude #facebook #argue #shut up #comments
by sickguy00000 June 17, 2010
Used to describe a woman who is so tough already she does not need to ever 'man up', in fact she needs to 'woman down'.
Person 1: You should just 'man up'.
Person 2 (woman): I'm so tough already I think I actually need to 'woman down'
#tough #hard #girl power #female #girl #lady #ladies #single ladies
by Panda Goth January 22, 2014
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