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(Verb) TO awaken from your peaceful slumber and with no hesitation you smoke a large quantity of marijuana you bought from some guy named Walter for that party last night,but for some reason you found a sack in your pocket when you woke up so now you wanna get high.

Origin: Wake + Smoke = Woke and Moke
Boy: "*Yawn* Damn that was one amazing night"

Girl: "A night but not so much Amazing"

Boy: " Well BITCH! look at what i just found , THATS right! And Guess Who aint gon Woke and Moke with me?!"

Girl: "Did i say not? i meant Hot. *LOL* *Giggle giggle*( BOY Smerks ) (Girl- *Slurps*)
by EzmuthafuckinE April 27, 2009
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