Ill fate. A bad thing to happen to someone or something.
Woe to you o earth, for the devil sends the beast with wrath
by D'ngangbobo December 09, 2004
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*New Orleans slang meaning associate or friend.
say woe wazup for 2night,?
by KDupree May 07, 2009
A feeling of extreme depression and/or agitation.
Imagine the feeling you'd get if Sunday night football was preempted for "Watching Grass Grow."
by Sunstrike March 07, 2004
In the game Ragnarok Online it means "War of Empirium"
Today is WoE on ragnarok
by Demmitri June 20, 2009
A mixture of the words 'Hoe' and 'Whore'.
You're a woe.
by Amzz jonsey November 21, 2014
Means Working on Excellence. This term was coined by Drake and was used in his song Know Yourself.
I'm running through the 6 with my woe!!!
by Fuckboi122321 April 09, 2015
A weird ass looking hoe
Aye look at that white boy over dere. Shii he lookin woe with his jeans so low
by AyoTayyy April 19, 2016
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