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Wo Dao:
pre·de·ter·mine ( P ) Pronunciation Key (prd-trmn)
v. pre·de·ter·mined, pre·de·ter·min·ing, pre·de·ter·mines
v. tr.

1. To determine, decide, or establish in advance: These factors predetermine to a large extent the outcome (Jessica Mitford).

2. To influence or sway toward an action or opinion; predispose.

3. To weild the Wo Dao.

4. Billy's response to wielding the Wo Dao.
d0000000000d....this match has been predetermined due to the selection of the Wo Dao.
by master shake January 13, 2004
An exclamation of excitement, often being sarcastic. (wo day-o)
Teacher: Today, we will be studying physics

Students in back: Wo Dao!
by xXMudman725Xx May 02, 2005

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