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In the event you find an unflushed toilet with the remains of doo. You further advance on a Mixed potion (see mixed potion) and decide to shit into the present doo. Thus creating Wizard stew.
"Mike i have to shit. Maybe i'll get to make wizard stew." "That's gross."
by Andy Lara June 06, 2005
You cream in a females butthole, and then she pushes it back out with some poo in there, and that's how you make wizard stew
Rachel and I are going upstairs to make some wizard stew, she hasn't used the bathroom all day.
by Wizardstew February 19, 2015
An infusion of magic mushrooms and cannabis in hot water.
I took butter, minced magic mushrooms, cannabis, a bit of ginger and made Wizard Stew.
by palegrant August 04, 2011

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