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When someone runs out in the street wearing an open gray robe, but is naked underneath, and begins shouting, "I'm the Wizard of Hummingham Tower!" Then after getting the attention of the general population, he proceeds to pull a clump of his own pubic hairs, puts them in his mouth, chews, and tries to swallow. Realizing he can't swallow a wad of hair, for he is not the wizard of owl-pellets, he vomits all over the local magistrate, pull his pants down, and jerks him off all over his beard. After about twenty minutes of him repeating this, he is arrested by local authorities.
Nelson: A few days ago, I got so drunk and high, that I pulled a Wizard Shit Lord.

Hollen: Is that why you're calling me from Jail?
by Michael Tollhouse Cookies October 08, 2008

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