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Witchin' <wich-in> (Is also said: "Witching")

Can be used as an adjective, interjection or verb, Etc.

1) To describe a good time.

2) Something or someone virtuous, righteous, excellent or awesome.

Witchin' is used to describe something positive.

The expression is believed to have originated in Montreal, Canada. It is mostly used by Punks (Especially the ones who listen to Metal; especially NWOBHM).
What a Witchin' day for a picnic.

We'll have a Witchin' time at the lake!

That guy's Witchin' hot! (Good-looking)

Oh, we were just Witchin' around.

You like my Venom T-shirt?
It's Witchin', dude!
by Tomb Baby blog September 26, 2010

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