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A modern-day interpretation/improvement of the standard blumpkin.

This includes:
1.Taking a shit.
2.Recieving oral fellatio.
3.Chain smoking a joint.
4.Talking on the phone with the Dean of Science at Harvard about the insufficient amount of evidence in the recent experiments disproving the theory of evolution.

5.Playing COD.
6.Sniffing a line off the girls tité.
7.Toeing a girl.
8.Analyzing Einstein's theory about quantum physics and photoelctrons’ effect on energy inupt/output.
9.Drinking hat with Jack Daniels.
10.Listening to Bethoven No. 7 Symphony, A minor.
11.Double boges behind thou ears.
12.Watching an educational TV program about the lifestyles of a fajet.
Minister: As the Minister of Education I believe that we should modernize our sexual education curriculum to include the concepts of contraception, abortion and, of course, the Wisconsin Truffle Shake.

Gym Teacher: I agree! We need to educate our children about the new modern culture. And how FUCKED those Wisconsin people are.
by ModernLanguageExtraordinaire March 07, 2012
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