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A delicious cheesy treat enjoyable for both lunch or dinner. Takes time to make but worth the wait! Created by inserting an uncircumcised penis with a healthy portion of smegma buildup into a vagina with a 4 week yeast infection (or more if preferred creamier). Both partners urinate at their leisure as they mix their ingredients until most of the smegma has blended in, then the gentleman ejaculates to thicken the savory medley. The lady pours the warm chowder into cups or bowls and viola! Makes 2-4 servings
Chris: It took over a month to make, but my girl and I finally enjoyed eating some Wisconsin Clam Chowder last night.

Tommy: Wow, what a delicacy! Did you save me some?

Chris: No, it was so good we ate it all. But I'll let you know next time.

Tommy: You better!
by Mr Yummy Food Critic December 01, 2011
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