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A four year public liberal arts college located in Rock Hill, SC. Particularly known for its high girl to guy ratio, the entire campus is separated into the following groups: the Dooney and Burke/Coach bag bearing fake sorority girls, the "I rule this campus" pig headed athletes, the down to earth and seemingly strange theatre groupies, the dancers that flash their tights as if they're some kind of fashion statement, the smoking tree drawing art people, the honors program students that stimulate heart attacks in faculty, the hip African Americans, the ugly fat guys who think they are God because every other girl throws themselves at them, the lesbians (nuff said), and the normal students who transfer to Clemson or USC (or anywhere!!) before they lose their sanity.
"Man I went to this awesome Christmas Party last night"
"Winthrop University man"
"You didn't drink the jello shots, did you?"
"Yeah... why?"
"Dude, you drank piss!"
by Heidi Thatsnoneofyourbuisnnes December 29, 2007

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