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when in the cold months of the year you do not shave your legs, due to the weather, and them not being shown.
kate: ahh, i haven't shaved in weeks
charlie: i know same, i have winter legs..
by chezzeahhh February 06, 2011
4 6
The state of your legs when smothered by pants during winter and having suddenly been exposed to sunlight on the first warm day of Spring or during a formal occassion where a dress is a must. Winter legs can look pasty, scaly, hairy, or ashy.
Lauren: "You should have worn some pants today. Your winter legs are making my eyes bleed!"

Amy: "I know...I haven't shaved in 4 months, but it was so warm outside today that I had to wear shorts."
by AATW March 01, 2011
9 6