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The state of your legs when smothered by pants during winter and having suddenly been exposed to sunlight on the first warm day of Spring or during a formal occassion where a dress is a must. Winter legs can look pasty, scaly, hairy, or ashy.
Lauren: "You should have worn some pants today. Your winter legs are making my eyes bleed!"

Amy: "I know...I haven't shaved in 4 months, but it was so warm outside today that I had to wear shorts."
by AATW March 01, 2011
when one hasn't shaved their legs for at least 3 months. usually occurs in winter, that's why it's called winter legs. single people have this the most, as they are, well, single, and they have no one who will see their legs in winter.
girl 1: hey should i switch to summer legs or keep it winter?
girl 2: of course switch to summer, winter legs are fucking disgusting.
girl 1: but no one would see my legs, i'm not going outside anyway...
girl 2: shave it, ok? maybe then you'll stop whining about not having a boyfriend...
by supergorilla March 28, 2014
when in the cold months of the year you do not shave your legs, due to the weather, and them not being shown.
kate: ahh, i haven't shaved in weeks
charlie: i know same, i have winter legs..
by chezzeahhh February 06, 2011
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