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Combination of Windows and Intel. Refers to a computer running the Windows operating system and powered by an Intel microprocessor. In practice, the term is applied to computers running Windows, regardless of the actual microprocessor used.

Mildly derisive term, frequently in the phrase "wintel box", used to distinguish other systems (Mac, Linux, etc.) from the 80-90% of systems used by the proletarian masses.
We were hoping to get Macs in the office, but the drones in IT went out and bought more Wintel boxes.
by Sox_in_the_City October 28, 2010
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Basically, it is when you run a Microsoft Operating system on a Intel box.
Dude, Why do you have a "Wintel"? Get a Mac!
by anapplemacphreak November 23, 2004
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word used by the "fringe" computing community to donote any box using intel guta and a windows OS
if your not using a wintel box now you will be
by major tom June 12, 2003
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