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By far the funniest Video ever introduced into this world, Jack Rebney; "The Angriest Man Alive" was filming a commercial for Winnebbago in 1988, unfortunatly for him the commercial never made it to air but 4 minutes of outtakes did.

Jack Rebney's outrageously funny outbursts have made him a Cult hero.

Jack Rebney = The First EVER Viral Video Superstar
Maxwell: Hey, Have you seen that Winnebago Man Clip?

Ben R: Hahaha yea... “Will you do me a kindness Tony, will you?”

Maxwell: "Can you make sure... If you will, that we don't, and i know we don't but be sure

that you don't get any flys in frame"

Ben R: “We got flies all over the fuckin’ place.” “Get the fuck outta here.... you flies.”

Maxwell: “The accoutrama that you will need… ‘Accoutrama?!?’ What is that shit!?!”
by Maxwell JDI September 09, 2010