Best friend through thick and thin. Word given to express a relationship greater than brothers. True hommies.
Word homes! Yo Niell YOU'RE MY WINGMAN DAWG!
by matt February 01, 2005
Wingman, pl. wingmen.
Characterized by typically two or three males, one of them trying to chat you up, the others playing stupid and making their main man look better. These, often refered to as wingmen, will often try and cunt tease your friends, in order to keep them occupied and so that you wont leave the social gathering.
The consept wingman/wingmen is the most pathetic thing in the history of mankind.

See those wingmen? They tried to make that buttugly dude look better for you. He really must've paid them well.
by kattapard April 22, 2008
The term two males use for each other, not in a homosexual way but rather a way which suggests a bond closer than brothers, when one cannot, and will not, share the same party experience unless the other is present. Once one finds his "wingman" no party will ever be the same thereafter without him. This person is hand picked and must truely earn the right to be called another friend's WINGMAN!
Yo' man. I just can't party without my wingman. I got his back and he's got mine. Alright, let's go get f*cked up now!
by Wingman November 22, 2004
A person someone brings along when going out searching for women to have sex with. If the person can't succeed in finding a female, the guy has sex with his wingman.
I ended up having sex with my wingman
by saminoleanica May 07, 2008
help out a brudda,
at theclub, Peter was strugling with words in front of lucy and her frend amanda hu stroke stray dogs looked after by street tramps.
now amanda wasnt gettin much attention and was looking for any excuse to go, now NATHAN a gud frend of peter jonsmith observed this and came to peters aide, by striking conversation with amanda.... bein a wing man Read More
irony hmm? loool playn bro =)
by natahan john smiths friend August 30, 2009
a wingman is hand picked out of a group of is not given away to any one person....each individual has to earn the right to be another man's WINGMAN!! according to Webster a wingman is a pilot who flies behind and outside the leader of a flying formation
hey guys you ready to go out...? Fuck that i dont party with out my wingman!!
by pc November 23, 2004
someone who you start texting in a situation you really dont want to be in to look busy. This is most likely a reliable person who will usually hit you back right away.
Upon arriving to the diner with his friend and several other people he didn't know, John started texting his wing man to avoid conversation
by kmascilak June 15, 2008

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