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A person who likes to pleasure his or herself using obscure objects larger than 5 inches. This normally results in bleeding from the anus. examples of these objects include, icepicks, pencils, rulers, candy canes, shovels, night lights, blow dryers, Hess trucks, Barbie dolls, Etc..
Exapmle 1:

Matt: Hey Jared guess what
Jared: Whats up?
Joe: Jared..Matt is gay!
Matt: Well Joes a windpipe faggot

Example 2:

Joe: Come on guys we gotta get to work!
Matt: Work? since when do we do work in this class you windpipe faggot? Shut the fuck up and go shove something up your asshole
Joe: But Matt I don't do that
Jared:Yes you do your a windpipe faggot

Example 3:

Teacher: So class how is everyone
Matt: Joe is a windpipe faggot
Teacher: I know. Joe is a Silly little faggot. I heard last week `
Mett: I heard he toped himself by shoving a guitar hero controller up his ass.
Dana: Oh my god I love him!
by posermoser December 26, 2007
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