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The only way that you could make this OS run for any period of time is by not running it. Or just run the whole thing from its 16-bit (but really 2-bit) command line, DOS.
My dog could write better operating systems than Windows 98 by urinating on a keyboard.
by edwin May 15, 2004
15 37
Quite an unstable operating system. Crashes basically every time you run it, even after a clean installation, especially when you're busy using Microsoft Word or such programs. Frequently presents a blue screen of death for no reason whatsoever.
"Windows 98 crashed again."
by relaxed May 27, 2003
12 34
"Critical errors are the result of you asshats deleting system files" <--- But umm it crashed on clean Install. =/
Unstable P.O.S
by =/ June 15, 2003
10 34