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The pattern Microsoft follows for making their oses.

IE: Suck, Good, Suck, Good

Windows 3.11 or 3.1 = Good, Windows 95 = Horrible, Windows 98 = Good, Windows 98 se = Fail Sauce, Windows 2000 = Good, Windows ME = Epic Fail, Windows XP = Amazing, Windows Vista = Windows ME on drugs, Windows 7 =Best Yet.

Pretty much everyone who has been buying every other os since windows 95 has been screwed in the ass. And people like me who have been buying every one since 3.1 have not been screwed at all.

John: I have owned 95, 98 se, Me, and Vista.

Me: So you have owned all the failures of oses?


Me: Have all those sucked?

John: Yes! OMG YES!!

Me: I have owned 3.11, 98, 2000, Xp, and 7.

John: Do they actually work with ALL your programs and hardware?

Me: Yes. Because Microsoft Taints every other os they make.

John: Why?

Me: Because they value their original customers like me, who have been buying their stuff since their first successfull os: 3.1

John: oh

Me: Yep.
by wabbabu9776 June 07, 2009
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