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When you have to poop, but you hold it and only fart. The wind goes over the poop.
That fart really stinks, please go to the bathroom, I dont need any more Wind over's in this here!
by Dick Waymer January 06, 2011
A seemingly polite and refined girl who lets wind rip like a old man that forgot to take his daily beano. You can tell you are in the presence of a Windover when skirts fly up Marilyn Monroe style when there appears to be no breeze. Windovers tend to love math and eat salsa obsessively, causing these explosions of epic proportions. It is rumored that the original Windover is the weapon of mass destruction that could never be found in Iraq.
Jenny: Wow, Roxy is so refined and poised.
Jessica: No, I don't believe it for a second. That girl's a Windover.
Jenny: You think?!
Jessica: Oh yeah. I just saw her finish a entire family sized salsa container.
Roxy passes by while farting
Jenny (looking over at flowers that are dying) You're right! Roxy is a Windover!
by SweetFlower April 19, 2011
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