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A gene that one inherits, like any other that makes a person very well rounded and likely to "win" at many aspects of life. The win gene allows the carrier to pick up new things very quickly compared to the average human. Phrase originated from the song "All I Do Is Win". The win gene is separated into many categories that are displayed in the carrier. They include:
25% intelligence, 15% appearance, 15% social skills (speaking ability, attitude, etc.), 15% athleticism (strength, endurance, etc), 10% musical talent, 10% life success (well-known, wealth, clothing, car, etc.), 5% video game skills, 2% trivia knowledge, 2% leadership, and 1% sexual endurance.
-"Wow, he is awesome at everything he does, he must have the win gene!"

-"The win gene has been passed down through our family for generations. All my relatives have had successful lives!"

-"Pete Dawkins is a former Heisman Trophy winner, Rhodes Scholar, U.S. Army Brigadier General, and Republican candidate for Senate. He is also the former vice chairman of Citigroup Private Bank. He definitely has the win gene."
by Tommy Reid February 24, 2011
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