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A strange species of anus most regularly sighted in New York City. The Wilson Elser often goes by other less popular names and cannot usually comprehend nor understand the greatness of Perth.

The Wilson Elser usually enjoys pickles, beer and spending time with school aged children. It has a tosser of an ex girlfriend who is likely to start receiving odd death threats some time in the near future. Producing videos of the most shoddy quality are what the Wilson Elser does best.
For the most part Wilson Elser's are short, round, ugly and are despised by their mothers. They are far overshadowed in every way by the Choccy Shoppe anus species which inhabits the Western side of Australia.
Wilson Elser is a thong-loving, jetty-dwelling, roo-rooting scalliwag
by Choccy Shoppe Anus August 17, 2011

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