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A free, public domain, on-line dictionary project sponsored by the same group that runs Wikipedia. Users can define terms and edit others' definitions.
I couldn't find "bagloooza" in Webster's Unabridged, but Wiktionary had it. Turns out Mike was right, it *is* a noun.
by Kleriq September 18, 2004
a free online dictionary owned by Wikipedia

sounds like masturbating in german (wichsen), so Wiktionary could also be the ultimate guide to masturbation
to masturbate: wichsen
to jerk off: sich einen runterholen
Wiktionary: Wichserführer
by Peter's Uncle April 23, 2008
A place where anything you say can and will be used against you. An organization based on ostracism.
I was ostracized from the Wiktionary.
The Wiktionary is a social club with a dark side.
I escaped the Wiktionary just in time.
by Ann Myers May 06, 2006
An Internet wiki dictionary dominated by adolescent system operators that reject new words and penalize participants who repeatedly submit new words, add definitions for existing words, discuss relevant but objectionable issues and disagree with any system operator on the merits of a definition by blocking participant access to prevent further submissions and participation in discussions.
When I submitted a reference link to the Urban Dictionary site the Wiktionary system operator blocked my access to the Wiktionary site on the ficticious grounds that the Urban Dictionary site is malicious.
by Patrick Eberhart April 23, 2006
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