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Wiki 'Monster'.

Plural: Monsters Singluar: Monster

A Wiki monster is a deranged low life scum of society whom of which does not have a life and is part of a group which is commandeered by his excellencey TOE MAS.
Their Primary objctive is not to find a mate and start a family it is infact to but a contribute on every single wiki on every single article in every language. It is become socially acceptable to not talk with this group who cannot take a joke. AT ALL

Genetic deformaties

There a fatal problem with the chromosones in the ' Wiki Monster ' is that they are not attracted to the opposite sex. They are attracted to Wiki articles in a sexual manner.


They only place you will find a wiki monster is in a library with other Lower beings in society

Other Issues

A certain repulsion is a monument that locals have tagged The Meat' This Creature can be noticed from space by his large cranium
OMG rick is such a Wiki Monster
by LOLLY OLD JOE November 01, 2010
A man/women who's life ambition is to add to every article on every wiki site.

Their habbitat is in libarys or wiki sancturys and dont mix with others who are not one of them. they are disliked by every other group of society and have no sense of humour and take everything way to seriously

wiki monsters are easy to spot as they dont leave their computer they have bloodshot eyes have very pale skin were they dont get any sunlight and are skinny
Dude you seen that nerd in the school libary. Yeah he is a total wiki monster
by Toemas axon October 31, 2010
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