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(1) Someone who doesn't know jack shit from square one without using the Wikipedia website as their own personal reference guide to the shit that they don't know anything about so as to attempt to flame, degrade, or humiliate others with their smaller than average e-penis.

This person generally falls under the following personalities:

a) flamer
b) child
c) adolescent
d) socially inept with those of the opposite sex.
e) someone who sits around on the internet all day and has nothing better to do with their lives.
f) someone with no purpose in life.
g) someone with no personal goals in life.
...I can't believe he actually thought that going to Wikipedia to copy and paste shit from there was a good way to bash someone else about their religion. Isn't he agnostic anyway? What a wiki wizard.
by Stephanie T. Wilson July 10, 2008
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