A person who is incapable of playing the Ninetendo Wii.
While playing Wii Sports, Bob missed the baseball. Bob is a Wii-Tard
by Jacob Cobb November 21, 2007
(Pronounced Wee-tard)

The characteristic of a person who cannot operate a Nintendo Wii or its controllers.
P1: "I think that the controls will be too complicated for the average gamer."
P2: "Dude, you're a Wiitard."
by Morris Levy May 11, 2006
1. One of the (hopefully) rare breed that will gather in packs and huddle together around kerosene heaters in the parking lots of retail stores all night for the chance to buy a Wii the following morning.

2. An idiot who won't stop making puns on the word Wii.

3. A Phillistine who can't understand how Nintendo could possibly name their system "Wii."
(1) "Well, guys, the snow's comin' down and we have five hours before Shopko opens. Anyone gonna wimp out?"
"No way, man! We're all hardcore wiitards here!"
"Or just retards. Brr!"

(2)"Hold my place in line, willya? I have to go w-"
"Yes, I get it. You have to go 'wee.' Very clever, wiitard."
"Does that make you one?"

(3)"It's worldwide marketing, dude! It means 'good' in Japanese, 'yes' in French, 'all of us' in English..."
"Oh, shut up. Don't you know that America is the center of the universe? If it sounds a little silly to our ears, then that automatically makes it a stupid name."
"You're such a wiitard."
by Scrawny Yeti November 19, 2006
Someone who sucks at playing the Wii.
You can't even play tennis you big wiitard.
by Ben Sanecki November 19, 2006
A select few players from whom it was their own damm fault from receiving any injury resulting from playing Nintendo's newest gaming system, the Wii.
A wii-tard named smith broke his arm by swinging to hard playing baseball.
by Dee-de-de December 20, 2006
someone who lacks the skill and/or endurance to play on a Nintendo Wii.
Look at that Wii-tard... he has no follow-through on his golf game
by alex middleton December 08, 2006
a dumb ass nintendo fan-boy nerd who likes the nintendo wii. Actually anybody who likes the nintendo wii is a Wii-tard. The only good game for it is the new zelda and you can get it for gamecube so why the fuck would anybody waste their mony because the rest of the games are dog-shit.
"Get an X-box 360 Chris Choen you fat nerdish blob who plays the violin, fuckin wii-tard"
by Colin Fields December 23, 2006
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