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A person who acts like they have a Wii or desperately wants to have a Wii but does not.
Kelly plays the WII at Gamestop so much, they don't even ask him for ID anymore. He is such a Wiigger.
by Ondadl December 11, 2006
1. A Caucasian person who attempts to emulate the mannerisms associated with African Americans, hip hop culture, or The Cosby Show; while playing a Nintendo Wii.

2. A Caucasian person who designs his Mii's with dark skin to gain a false sense of acceptance in the black community.

3. A black person who spends a great deal of time playing the Nintendo Wii
My cousin is such a Wii-gger. Sometimes I just want to lynch him.
by Jerry R. Sun December 30, 2006
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