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A White Girl who is A nasty, disgusting,stupid,ignorant, white trash bitch pretending to act like shes black.
and isnt very good at being black.
You would probably see her in alot of babyphat and rocawear with bambo earings,or big hoops and there haiir is almost always slicked back. They all are whores

Also very fucking stupid, Most black girls dont even like them
black boys just fuck with them cause they all give head
and let then run trains and They smoke weed to look "cool" but they arent
Wigger Bitch:"wuz up niggah iz we getting high tonight"

Black Boys:"Yea iz u gonn let me fuck?"

Wigger Bitch:"You kno it"

Wiger Bitch to Black Girls:"Waz up niggahs?"

Black Girls look at each other then Beat the fucking shit out of her
by IHateBitchs September 12, 2007
a. noun
A skinny ass white boy who thinks he is hard. Who tries to dress of black hip-hop culture. And overtries to talk like a thug.

b. A caucasion that think's he is black. And can woop and other white kids ass. But when confonted by a thug he backs down cowerdly.
Wigger Bitch: Yo my name be Lee. We gotta pack heat around here to survive.

Skater Boy: Man fuck off you fucking wigger bitch, all's you got under there is your lil bro's water pistol! haha

Domineque: Yeaa boy, you right about that thurr...that mo fo' gun from Dollar Tree.
by Kevin Baines March 06, 2006
A white female culturally appropriating African American culture. Signs of a wigger bitch include pomade, extremely large hoops, excessive use of shiny trinkets to accessorize an outfit, an profound obsession with "underground" rap, and at least two condoms carried on person at all times.

Synonyms: wigger, wapanese
Guy A: Have you heard that Christine is considering getting her name changed to "Drakisha"?

Guy B: Fuck, really? Man, she is a total wigger bitch.
by Liberal Lady Ann May 11, 2016
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