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Posting in a forum or message board in an inarticulate mish mash of incomplete and misspelled words. Wigger posting contains a profusion of words usually of little or obscure content which will cause those with higher than an eighth grade education to wrinkle their foreheads and exclaim, "What is this gibberish?!" Wigger posters are primarily white yet sprinkle their atrocious "writing" with ghetto African American lingo and jive talk.
"Hey guys can you even read this wigger posting nonsense?"

I seriously wish u wud have went n there and talked 2 the older woman n guy n tld them tht the guy there was a smart ass jerk. They wud throw ur ass 2 the curb! I thnk its funny tht u say he costs thm so much money :) evry1 who goes n there without an attitude LOVES him! Obviously u were a prick n the first place or he wudnt have been like that :) n ur so chicken sh*t you cnt evn say it 2 his face!!:) 2 funny lmmfao

"Oh, they're wigger posting again."
by Jen Add Air January 15, 2012
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