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The clothing of choice for wannabe white kids with no self esteem or sense of individuality. Wigger Chic clothing can usually be purchased in mail-order catalogs such as Fingerhut or in Wal-mart. Popular brands include but are not limited to Ecko and FUBU. Female clothes are skintight and low cut so as to better display the "ho's" goods. 90% have some sort of logo or phrase emblazoned across the ass and are accessorized with giant "gold" hoops and Ugg boots. Male clothes are a standard 3 to 5 sizes to large and accessorized with several chains that look like they were bought in a dollar store and overly large stud earrings that are supposed to be diamonds.
Me: jeeze, look at all these Wigger Chic threads in Fingerhut! Looks like freakin' Wal-mart in here!

My Sister: bleh, those chicks look even skanker than the Pussycat Dolls!


My Sister: Did that guy just hit on you?!

Me: Yeah, He's a cutie but those Wigger Chic stud earrings make him look like a total tool...

by Whatsmynameagain? November 15, 2009
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